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Carnahan meets his brother, Silas, for the first time since the Civil War. They were "slave children in Arkansas and were separated by the war."

Richmond Planet. Feb 8 1902.jp2
Mrs. R.W. Williams, Richmond, VA, saw Charlie Oliver's recent ad. She knows his family in King William County, VA.

Richmond Planet. Jan 18 1902.jp2
Charlie Oliver (born Dandridge Vius) searching for his grandfather. Charlie was sold in 1859. His grandfather was free all his life and a barber in Richmond, VA since 1855.

Richmond Planet. Oct 5 1907.jp2
Mollie Curren searching for her uncle, Lewis Smith, her aunt, Sallie Anne Thorp, and her aunt, Patsy Thorp. Patsy was sold during slavery.

Memphis Daily Appeal. July 11 1878.jp2
Worden Scott and Mary A. Scott searching for Worden's father, John Scott

Edmond Thomas searching for his mother, Aceneth; and siblings Sam, Nancy, and Mary.

Ellen Mills searching for her mother, Maria Call, and John Annis Call. She mentions that a Charley Call went to Texas.

Julia Carter, Ferguson, AR, searching for Isaac Carter, his sister Martha Carter, his brother Aley Carter, and their brother Luther Gray/Luther Carter

John Detach Louis searching for a set of sisters, Presia, Amy, and Charity Louis; and a sister-in-law, Anne Lighter.
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