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Wm. Winchester searching for his friend, Alexander Spencer.

Polly McCray searching for her children Balim and Winnie.

John Detach Louis searching for a set of sisters, Presia, Amy, and Charity Louis; and a sister-in-law, Anne Lighter.

Ralph Lightner searching for his parents, Amos and Fannie; brothers Cupid, Sam, Anderson, Amos, Jerry, and Nelson; and sisters Eliza, Sabra and Sislie.

Cesar King searching for his wife Annie, stepdaughter Linzy, and children John Calvin, Joshua and Wine.

Mary Camp searching for her mother's/her family. She's looking for Judy Camp, Warner, an unnamed brother, Thomas, Gideon Bradford.

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David Young searching for his parents Prescilla and Charles Bradford; brothers Charles, Henry and Webster; and sisters Patheney, Emma and Joan.

G.V. Medlock searching for his grandparents Daniel and Betsy; uncles David, John, Jim, Nathan, Willis and Isiah; aunts Rachel, Martha, Nancy; Nellie, Betsie, and Becky; and siblings Abby, Robert, and Granley.

Louis Martin searching for his brother Richard Luster and Robert Lewis.
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