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TCR_1865122_LEWIS (I).TIF
Burill Mundy searching for his father, Richard Mundy; mother, Jennie Lewis; sisters Lucy and Sallie; and brother Arthur and Temple.

webster may 20 65-1-1.jpg
Beckey Webster is looking for her daughter Sarah Jane Webster

Burk may 20 65-1-1-1.jpg
Dorcas Burk is looking for her sons Soloman and Richard Burk and her daughter Jane Bell Burk.

russell oct 7 65 1(24)-2.jpg
Herry Tippin/Russell is looking for Lucinda Russell and her children

sykes oct 7 65 1(24)-1.jpg
C.J. Johnson is looking for Ann Elizabeth Sykes

Thornton Copeland is looking for his mother Betty

Ben and Flora East are looking for their children Polly and Geo. Washington

oct 14 65 1(25)-2.jpg
Charity Moss is looking for her (?) sons James and Horace

oct 14 65 1(25)-1.jpg
Lucinda Lowery is looking for Caroline Dodson

oct 7t65t1(24)-1.jpg
Henry Hill is looking for his wife Lucy Blair
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