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A. Cockfield seeking information on John Cole or Alfred Simmons.

A. Hamm 10-15-1885.tif
A. Hamm is searching for H.C. Hamm who was in the state of Ohio from 1883-84

A.J. Cooper 8-13-1885.tif
A. J. Cooper is searching for his father Clay Finner and his uncle Jacob Finner. They belonged to Joe Finner in Tippah County near Ripley, MS. The last he heard of them was in Aberdeen, MS. His mother's name was Annie Finner and she was sold away…

SCA66 J.jpg
A. J. Sims seeking information of his father and brother.

A. Johnson Found sister 11-13-1884.tif
A. Johnson found his sister and was happy to hear from her. [This occurred as a result of an ad he placed in the Southwestern Christian Advocate on June 5, 1884 searching for her]


A. Johnson 6-5-1884.tif
A. Johnson is searching for his sister Betty Brown, who was taken with her young master Samuel Brown in the last year of the war. She was born and raised in Simpson County. Her father's name was Brown but he changed it to Edmond Johnson. Her…

A. Jones searching for Henry Jones.

A. M. Proctor seeking information of his sisters, Henrietta and Julia.


She went to Marshall, Missouri, from Spring Hill, Madison County, Virginia

W. Harvey.jpg
Harvey is looking for Jacob Edwards and others
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