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Abram White 9-24-1885.tif
Abram White is searching for his sister Mary Jackson whom he left in Fayette County, AL. His mother, Lucinda, and three brothers were sold to ship and brought to Texas along with his step father Jack Smith. The brothers' names were Western, Clark,…


Postmaster in Washington, DC, searching for Fouts/Faust, of St. Joseph, MO, "regarding some slaves her formerly owned." His son-in-law "Doc" Daniels's reply, stating that Fouts/Faust died in 1875, was also published.

Adaline Turner (formerly Allen) is searching for her sister, Sarah Allen, or Jiles Absolom.

Adam Johnson searching for his mother; his son Elder; his brothers Aaron, Daniel and Charles; and his wife's sisters Judie, Susie, Cinda and Dicie.

dec 16 1880 part 2 J.jpg
Adam Nelson seeking information of his sisters, Rebecca and Ardona.

Adam Sisson.png
Adam Sisson, aka Adam Webb, of St. Joseph, MO, searching for mother Fanny Webb and siblings, Fanny Elizabeth Webb and Alexander Webb


Adam Sisson.png
Adam Sisson, St. Joseph, MO, searching for his mother, Fannie Webb


Adam Sisson searching for his mother Fannie Webb, and his siblings Alexander, Fannie, and Elizabeth.

Thomas searching for Mickey Bashlot, Judy Bashlot, and Katy Ginlack, who went [escaped?] from Georgia to New Jersey. Thomas is in U.S. Navy at Port Royal, South Carolina. During the Civil War.

Charleston Daily News January 7 1868.jp2
Adam Wright, Charleston, SC, searching for Daniel Wright, 45th Pennsylvania Regiment

Addie Johnson is searching for her brother, Octavius Oldwine.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___December_9_1865 (1) Ellen Fitzhugh.jpg
Addison Phillips is looking for Ellen Fitzhugh, his sister-in-law, and two other unnamed sisters-in-law.

Adeline (Villars) Renfro searching for her mother, Rachel Villars; sisters Fannie and Charity Villars; and brothers, Tom and Villars


Adeline Bell searching for her sister Mary Ann (Graham) Washington.

Adeline Sanders seeking information on her two brothers and one sister.


Adeline Sanders searching for her siblings Ambrose Dudley, Phelix Gurry, and Polina Carrol.


Adeline Williams looking for family members
Adeline Williams looking for mother Mary, brothers and sisters.


Richmond Planet Dec 9 1899.png
Adline Curriton, Macon, GA, searching for her son, Sampson Her[?]z

Aggie Smith searching for her father, Joshua Daniel; mother Lucinda Metval; brother, Wesley Smith; sister, Millie Smith; and daughter, Annie.

Agnes Coleman searching for her son William Coleman.

Agness Collins 5-29-1884.tif
Agnes Collins is searching for her three sisters, Nannie, Patience, and Julian whom she left in Franklin, TN during the war. They belonged to Mrs. Ellis of Franklin. Her sister Nannie's husband used to belong to Mr. Ployd and she had four children,…

Agnes Harden searching for her siblings: John, Wash, Jim, Dudley, Mary, Harriet, Mealia, and Frances.

Agnes Taylor searching for her son Watson.

John Warren Watts.png
He was wounded while fighting in the Civil War. In a Petersburg, VA, hospital when last heard from.

SCA45 J.jpg
Ailcy Morris seeking information of her family.
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