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  • Collection: The New National Era, 1870-1874 (Washington, DC)

Henrietta Jones Mar 27 73.jp2
Henrietta Jones, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, searching for her daughter, Georgiana Jones, Washington, DC

Henrietta Jones Jun 19 73.jp2
Henrietta Jones (maiden name Henrietta Fants), Port-au-Prince, Haiti, searching for her daughter, Georgianna Jones, Washington DC

Washington Thompson Mar 27 73.jp2
Washington Thompson, New York Mills, NY, searching for his father, Joseph Thompson

Richard Bradley, Rotherwood, TN, searching for his mother, sisters, and brother, sold from Hawkins County, TN to Aberdeen, MS, about 1856

Thomas Arthur Everick, New York, NY, searching for his parents and siblings, of Florida and then Winnsboro, SC area

Lucy Kirby, of Norfolk, VA, searching for her son Richard Kirby aka Dick Kirby. Sold two years before the Civil War.

Willis Wright.jp2
Willis Wright, New York, NY, searching for his mother, Lucy Kennedy (formerly Lucy Wright), of Charleston, SC and Mobile, AL

Sampson Alexander.jp2
Sampson Alexander, of Victoria, Canada, searching for his father, brothers, sister, cousins, and friend, all formerly of Washington, DC

Jesse S. Cowles, New Haven, CT, searching for his mother, Sarah Cowles and his siblings, William Cowles, Charles Cowles, Carter Cowles, Mildred Lewis, Josephine Cowles, and Martha J. Cowles.

John Lane.jp2
John Lane, Middletown, CT, searching for his mother, Mary Cartmore, of Nelson County, KY; his sister, Frances Cartmore; and his brother, William Cartmore
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