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  • Collection: The Western Appeal/The Appeal, 1888-1919 (St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL)

Samuel Rice.jpg
Samuel Rice searching for Mrs. Mary Taylor, Sedalia, MO, and Mrs. Frances Venable, Franklin, MO

Reuben Moss.jpg
Unnamed, searching for Reuben Moss. Reply to Pilgrim Baptist Church, St. Paul, MN.

Kate White.jpg
Dr. P.C. Kebble, Pittsburg, TX, searching for Kate White. She left Omaha, NE. Parents live in Atchison, KS.

S.G. Wilson.jpg
S.G. Wilson reports that he found father through ad

Elizabeth Pettiford.jpg
Mrs. Elizabeth Pettiford, Chicago, IL, searching for brother Ellis Dennis Kemp

Hollie West.png
Hollie West, of OK, searching for father George R. West, last heard of in Vandale, AR

Smith Chappell.png
Smith Chappell, St. Paul, MN, searching for his sister Harriet Ann Chappell, formerly of MO

Fannie Ford.png
Fannie Ford searching for Granderson Washington, cook at Colored Camp Fremont, near Washington, DC, Civil War

Miss Allie Grace Walsh, of Chicago, IL, searching for parents, sister, and uncles
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