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  • Collection: The Western Appeal/The Appeal, 1888-1903 (St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL)

The Appeal. St Paul etc. Aug 3 1889.jpg
Martha Cobble, Owensboro, KY, finds her two sons, who were sold to a New Orleans trader

Long Lost Son 1-1-1898.tif
Margret Young, sold and separated from her family in 1861, was reunited with her son Dowen Young as Christmas gift. Margret and her three children lived, all slaves of John Arthur, in Clay County, MO near the town of Liberty when the civil war broke…


Separated for Forty years 8-14-1897.tif
William Davis and his sister Mary were reunited after forty years separation. Both siblings were slaves of the family of James Matlock, a rich planter in Georgia. Just before the war, Matlock died and the two were sold to pay the master's debts,…


Samuel Kennedy 5-28-1898 HQ.tif
Richard B. Smith is searching for Samuel Kennedy, last heard from by him in St. Paul, MN. He was born in Mount Sterling, KY.

Matilda Parker 12-11-1897 HQ.tif
M. Johnson is searching for Matilda Parker. She was the daughter of Peter Parker and was the property of M. Herrington or Harrington of Warrentown Junction, VA and was sold during or not long before the war. She has a sister named Martha.

Rhods-Leftwich 9-3-1892 HQ.tif
Mrs. Francis Chilcoat is searching for her sisters Emiline Octavia and Rhoda and her brothers John, Henrey and James Leftwich. They all belonged to Major Tom Leftwich at Liberty, Bedford County, VA before the war when she last saw them. In 1855, she…

Jennie Norman 4-25-1891 HQ.tif
Ellen Warmack is searching for her sister Jennie Norman. Her father's name is Wallace and her mother's name is Lucinda. Jennie was at Ples. Norman's sale to Billie Mcgee who sold her to a Frenchman. Jennie was light brown in complexion

Emma Aseby 4-25-1891 HQ.tif
Thomas Kellum searching for his cousin Emma Ashby, a mulatto, who he last saw in Baltimore in the spring of 1879.

Ann Eliza Gaskins 8-6-1892 HQ.tif
J.H. Jenkins is searching for his aunt whose maiden name was Ann Eliza Gaskins. She has now married a man whose name he doesn't know and lived in New Bedford, Massachusetts some years, but now lives somewhere else in Massachusetts. Her oldest…

Wilson Page 10-8-1892.tif
Mrs. G. A. Page is searching for her son Wilson Page. He was in Chicago about two years ago
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