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  • Collection: The Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA) 1877

Rev Paul Douglas.jpg
Searching for John Criswell and brothers.

Jane Dawson.jpg
Desires to know the whereabouts of her mother and sisters.

John Phillip.jpg
He wants to find his brothers and sisters.

Sarah Mason.jpg
She wishes to find her mother, Clara Smith.

Robert and Amy Stanfield.jpg
Robert wishes to know of his brother, and Amy wishes to hear of her sister.

Frederick Tyler.jpg
Wants to find his children

Rev. J. R. Carnes.jpg
Information wanted concerning Willis Carnes

Jerrah Oliver.jpg
Desires information about his cousins.

Green Haynes.jpg
Desires information about his uncle and cousins.

Mrs. Angeline Humes.jpg
Inquiring about her two brothers, Allen and Marion.
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