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  • Collection: The Richmond Planet, 1893 (Richmond, VA)

rosa johnson oct 21 93.jpg
Rosa Johnson a.k.a. Celia Ann Johnson is looking for her parents, Peggie and Jessie Johnson, and George Turner.

mr braxton oct 7 93.jpg
F.F. McComas is looking for the heirs (children) of the deceased William Braxton: Mentzer, William, Aenes, and Angeline Braxton.

hackett 19aug93.jpg
Edward C. Hackett is looking for his sisters Sarah Jane and Ellen Hackett, daughters of James and Rachel Hackett

abernathy 16sep93.jpg
Peyton Abernathy is looking for his mother Ara Abernathy, brother Ben Abernathy, sister Fanny Abernathy, and brother Henry Abernathy.

mar 18 93.jpg
Robert Thaddeus Lewis is looking for his mother Seely Mullins, stepfather Park Lewis, brothers John, Joe, Frank, and Wesley, sisters Betsy and Victoria, and uncles George and Carey Mullins,

june 3 93.jpg
Mathie King is looking for their parents Jessie Simms and Nancy Shelton, sisters Lucy, Millie, Jennie, and Louise Shelton, and brother George Shelton.

jan 28 1893.jpg
Abner Johnson is looking for his brother Jordan Johnson
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