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Easter Bowers.jpg
Sicily is searching for her mother, Easter Bowers

Emma in Jackson MS.png
Emma, of Jackson MS, searching for son, John

Times-Promoter. Hernando MS. Feb 23 1906.jp2
Harvey Spalding & Sons (Washington, DC law firm) searching for Simon Smith, Co. B, 11th U.S. Colored Infantry, or his widow or heirs

Jackson MS Weekly Clarion. May 26 1875.jp2
Nellie Butler searching for her sister, Diana Davenport. Butler also placed an ad for her in 1892, under name of "Dinah Davenport."

Frances Magee searching for her son, Alex Zachary, age about 20. He has been gone three years.

Mary Green, in St. Louis, MO, searching for her son, who was raised on Milton Covington's plantation 25 miles north of Natchez, MS. Ad placed during the Civil War.

Minor, age 12 or 13, went from Mr. Walworth's place [probably a plantation] near Natchez, MS, to Vicksburg, MS, in January 1867. Has not been heard from since. Ad placed in 1867, during Reconstruction.

Skinner, Clarksdale, Texas, searching for Hayne, formerly of Jackson, Mississippi. Will pay $2.50 reward.

They are searching for their sons, Alford and Randal, and Randal's wife, Elizabeth Underwood. They went from Franklin County, Alabama, to Green County, Alabama, in 1866.

Edmund Collie, of Nashville, Tennessee, is searching for his brother, William Collie, his sister, Millie, his nephew, Bailey, and Prince Buckner. Edmund and William Collie lived on the Scotland plantation [in Natchez, Mississippi].

Jones is searching for anyone, "white person or ex-slave," who lived on the plantation of David Roach, on Wolf Lake, Yazoo County, Mississippi, during the Civil War. [Possibly to gather testimony for a Civil War widow's pension?]

Washington Stills was sold in South Carolina and brought to Mississippi by John Parks and Allen Vance, speculators.
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