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Green Morgan and Prudence Croan [Prudence Brown?] remarried in Versailles, KY, in 1889. They had been separated there in 1858, when Prudence was sold and taken to a Louisiana plantation.

Charlotte, who lived in Sacramento, CA, in 1870 placed this ad looking for her family members. Charlotte's father was owned by Joe Powell of Kentucky, who also owned Charlotte and sold her to a speculator in Louisiana.

Harris and Brooks were separated by sale in 1859 in Louisiana. They found each other in 1904 and remarried in Fresno, California.

Spencer searching for Katie Williams and her daughter, Gussie. Williams was once the "property" of the Spencer family.

Sacramento Daily Record-Union 18 Mar 1882.jp2
John Strander, Washington, Yolo County, CA, searching for sons. Believes some moved from St. Clair County, IL to California.
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