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  • Collection: The Richmond Daily Dispatch (Richmond, VA)

Henry, a little boy, "strayed" from his grandmother's house in Powhatan County, VA, in 1869. It is supposed he went down to Richmond by river boat. Ad placed in 1870 (during Reconstruction).

Unnamed parents searching for their son, Washington, age about seven, who "strayed from home," in Richmond, VA, in February 1866.

Caroline, age about eight, was "in the employment of" Mr. Griffin. He moved from Fluvanna County, VA, to Fauquier County, VA, in 1865, carrying Caroline with him.

Esther lives in Richmond, VA. Her son, age about 12, was "raised by" Mrs. James Garnett, of Caroline County, VA. ["Raised by" probably means Edgar was enslaved by Garnett].

Nelly Garland searching for her children Sarah, Morris, and Louisa Garland who were sold by David Thomas, in Nelson County, Virginia, in 1856.

Davis's friends are searching for her. She formerly "belonged to" Dr. West, of Hinds County, MS. Was last heard from in Richmond, VA. Contact Rev. P.B. Price, Richmond, VA.

Finch, about 20 years old, was last seen leaving Richmond, VA, on an oyster schooner in 1870, during Reconstruction.

Johnson, of Martin County, North Carolina, searching for his mother, Betsy, and his sisters, Mary, Ellen, Harriet, and Rose

Rakes is in Richmond, Virginia, in search of her mother.

The Cozzinses lived in Richmond, Virginia, in 1865 [at the end of the Civil War]. Lizzie Watson, sister of Martha Ragscale, was at Burkeville, Virginia, in 1870.

Poore is "in great trouble" in Appomattox, Virginia.

Cox and his wife were separated by sale in 1855. Reunited in 1879.

Daily Dispatch. Richmond VA. April 23 1868.jp2
Lucinda Coates sold in Richmond, VA. She is "supposed to be either here or in its vicinity."

Daily Dispatch. Richmond VA. May 3 1867.jp2
Burrell Rose searching for his daughter, who "formerly belonged to" William Pitman, who took her from Buckingham County, VA, to TN.

Daily Dispatch. Richmond VA. May 8 1876.jp2
Abraham Tyler searching for his brother, William Carter, formerly owned by Dr. Peterfield Trent. Went south from Richmond, VA, in 1867 or 1868.

Daily Dispatch. Richmond VA Oct 17 1870.jp2
James Hill, Richmond, VA, searching for his parents, Archer Hill and Julia Hill, who followed the army from Staunton, VA, in 1863. Has heard they are now in Ohio.

Daily Dispatch. Richmond VA Apr 24 1867.jp2
George Pearman searching for his wife, Susan, and children, Nelly and Carter. All sold and separated in Richmond [in ca. 1863]

Nancy Moore.jpg
Nancy Moore searching for her children Margaret and London Moore who were formerly enslaved by Mr. William H. Brooks of Essex County, Virginia.

Charlotte Johnson.jpg
Charlotte Johnson is searching for Texana Johnson who was sold from Richmond during the Civil War.

Sophy Bailey.jp2
Sophy Bailey, Savannah, GA, searching for her father, Jeff Taylor, brothers, and sisters, King William County, VA

Mary Brown.jpg
Mary Brown, formerly Mary Glassco, searching for her daughter, Mary Wesley Glassco


Mary Bailey.jpg
Mary Bailey is searching for her children, Nancy, Ben, Polly, Tempa & Isham Bailey

John Perry.jpg
Katy Perry searching for her son, John Perry


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