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  • Collection: The Richmond Planet, 1907 (Richmond, VA)

York Johnson. Richmond Planet Apr 13 1907.jp2
Wm. H. Howard, attorney, searching for York Johnson. He has an interest in a small lot of land owned by his brother, Moses Johnson, Anne Arundel County, MD.

Bettie Tucker. Richmond Planet April 27 1907.jp2
Bettie Tucker, Church Road, Dinwiddie County, VA, searching for her brother. Last seen in New York City in June 1906.

Richmond Planet. March 9 1907.jp2
Mrs. Hattie M. Branum searching for her mother. Was placed in the Colored Home [orphanage] in West Philadelphia. Has not seen her mother for 28 years.

Richmond Planet Jun 8 1907.jp2
William Johnson searching for his step-son, William H. Bowman. Send information to William Johnson or D. Johnson

Richmond Planet June 8 1907.jp2
H. Turner, New York City, searching for her sister, Louisa Bruce, or her sister's husband, Billy Bruce

Richmond Planet Nov 9 1907.jp2
Lucy Ponsley, Media, PA, searching for her people or for Captain John Ritter. Her father, James Somers, fought in Civil War under Ritter. Killed.

Richmond Planet Aug 31 1907.jp2
Bettie Clayton, Ellisville, MS, searching for four brothers- Randall Banister, Dave Banister, Billy Banister, and Stephen Banister- and a sister, Sarah, who married Barnett Pegram. Children of Rachael Banister. Searcher taken from Amelia County, VA,…

Richmond Planet. Oct 5 1907 copy.jp2
Hannah Henderson (now Hannah Neil) searching for her brother, Neil Henderson (or Neal Henderson) and her sister, Pollie (nee) Henderson.

Richmond Planet. Oct 5 1907.jp2
Mollie Curren searching for her uncle, Lewis Smith, her aunt, Sallie Anne Thorp, and her aunt, Patsy Thorp. Patsy was sold during slavery.

Richmond Planet Oct 5 1907.jp2
Robertson searching for heirs of Henry Washington, body guard of Richard Yates, former Illinois governor, from 1860-1865
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