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  • Collection: The Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA) 1885

Robert Youngblood Henry is searching for his aunt, Malisey Ervin, who remarried and changed her surname.

Eliza Gardner is searching for her two two brothers, Richard and Samuel.

Nora is searching for two female family members and two brothers

Wm. L. Stewart 7-30-1885.tif
An unnamed party is searching for Mr. John Stewart who may know the whereabouts of a girl named Sallie, possibly his/her sister, who Mr. Stewart's father bought from Mr. Cornelius Vaughn. She was 10 years old when purchased. The author and his/her…

Wm. Eckter 4-9-1885.tif
Wm. Eckter is searching for his father who belonged to a man named Algood in Pontotoc, MS. His mother's name was Sarah and she belonged to Mrs. Morrow. He had three brothers, Manuel, Henry, and William and three uncles Sye, Willis, and Jeff. In…

Willis Mays 11-12-1885.tif
Willis Mays is searching for his mother's brothers, Ruben Grimes and John Ray, and sister Sophia who she left in Kentucky. His mother's name was Lucinda Toltem and she belonged to Alfred Toltem. She has not heard from them since 1865 when she heard…

Willis Mayo 12-10-1885.tif
Willis Mayo is searching for his uncle Ruben Jemmerson who he left in Owens County, Kentucky. He belonged to Rafe Toleton. Willis also had three aunts, Sophia, Celia, and Lucinda Ray. Sophia was sold while living in Kentucky. Celia went to Texas…

William Weeks 3-5-1885.tif
William Weeks is searching for his brothers John Smith, Alfred Weeks, Greenup Weeks, and Jordan Weeks, and one sister who is not named. Some of them are supposed to be in Louisiana.

William Stanford 5-14-1885.tif
William Sanford is searching for his son Charley Sanford who he last saw in Memphis in 1879 when he was 19 years old.

William Rivers 10-15-1885.tif
William Rivers is searching for his brothers David and Sandy Rivers and sister Harriet Rivers who he left in Mississippi in 1837. Their parents were Malcom and Satira Rivers. They belonged to the Caraway brothers John, Thomas, Patrick, and…
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