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  • Collection: The Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, MD), 1861-1911

Lucy Brown is in Baltimore, Maryland. Her mother was in Campbell County, Virginia, when last heard from. Ad placed in 1867, during Reconstruction.

Nicholson, of Baltimore, Maryland, was a "yellow" butcher, commonly called Big Joe. During Reconstruction.

Unnamed man searching for his sister, Kitty Collins. She went to Baltimore from the Eastern Shore of Maryland about two years earlier. During the Civil War.

Daughter reunited with her parents, Newtown, Maryland. She "belonged to the Rush estate," from which she was sold 20 years earlier [in ca 1855].

He left their home in Baltimore on Nov. 19, 1864. Not seen since. He works on the wharf. During the Civil War.

She left her home in Baltimore on Monday. Has not yet returned. During the Civil War.

Eli Signo lived with Mrs. Lyon, Baltimore, Maryland

Millie, age 14, left her home in Howard County, Maryland. Parents fear she was enticed away. In 1869, during Reconstruction.

Searching for a "colored woman," formerly "owned" by Mrs. Worthington, who lived in the family of D.C. Croxall about 15 years ago [ca 1852].
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