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  • Collection: The Colored American, 1901-1902 (Washington, DC)

Colored American. Washington DC. May 17 1902.jp2
William Walker searching for David Walker, a sailor and a colored Mason, Blue Lodge No. 4 or 5, Boston, MA

Colored American. Washington DC Sep 13 1902.jp2
J.R.W. Johnson, Rapid City, SD, searching for his brothers, William H. Clinton and Edward Johnson

Colored American. Washington DC May 24 1902.jp2
J.E. Johnson, Providence, RI, searching for Thomas J Steward, Civil War veteran from Providence, RI, who worked in the Treasury Department in Washington, DC

The Colored American Washington DC. This Mar 21 1903 version is best image quality. This ad ran for several months..beginning Sep 6 1902.jp2
Betty Reynolds, Atlanta, GA, searching for brother, Saunk Joyce, sold in Mecklenburg, VA, several years before Civil War
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