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  • Collection: The Evening Star (Washington, DC) (not an African American newspaper)

Evening Star. Washington DC Sep 4 1899.jp2
William Woods wrote a letter to the DC Chief of Police in search of his mother, Mrs. Flora Woods. Woods served in the navy from 1872 to 1878.

Evening Star. Washington DC. January 5 1882.jp2
Mrs. Virginia Waugh, Washington, DC, searching for Washington Magruder, age 87

Evening Star. Washington DC. Apr 17 1865.jp2
Caroline Hall, Charles County, MD, searching for her daughter, Josephine Hall. Leave information with Mrs. Geo. Phillipson, Washington, DC.

Evening Star. July 23 1863.jp2
Kesiah Abell, Washington, DC, searching for her daughter, Margaret Abell, formerly of the estate of Jacob Melvin, Virginia

Evening Star. Mar 9 1863 pg. 3.jp2
Unnamed, Washington, DC, searching for their daughters, Frances Taylor and Margaret Abel [aka Margaret Abell]

Evening Star. Washington DC. May 13 1865.jp2
Joseph Hamilton searching for his wife, Eliza Hamilton. Leave information with George E.H. Day, Washington DC.

Evening Star. Washington DC May 16 1865.png
Unnamed, searching for her daughter, Lucy Gleed, from Oakland, VA, near Leesburg, VA

The Evening Star. Washington DC. May 15 1865.jp2
Unnamed, searching for her husband, Henry Johnson. Believes he is in Richmond, VA. Asks him to advertise his location in The Evening Star.

Evening Star. Washington DC Oct 14 1864.jp2
Dr. Bonner, from City Point, VA, searching for his wife, Lucretia T.A. Bonner, who left Mason's Island (now Theodore Roosevelt Island, DC) on Sep 26.
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