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"Press" Low seeking information on his relatives.

A E. Augusta writes of a patient in his hospital who claims to be the niece of Richard Allen, a bishop of the A.M.E church.

A.L. Hart searching for Edith Chappel and letting her know that her aunt Fannie Bostick is residing with him.

Thomas searching for Mickey Bashlot, Judy Bashlot, and Katy Ginlack, who went [escaped?] from Georgia to New Jersey. Thomas is in U.S. Navy at Port Royal, South Carolina. During the Civil War.

Charleston Daily News January 7 1868.jp2
Adam Wright, Charleston, SC, searching for Daniel Wright, 45th Pennsylvania Regiment

Alfred Skinner searching for his wife Rebecca Skinner, and their children Nancy, Keziah, Joanna, Martha, Hester, Catharine and Griscilla Skinner.

Amanda (Shaw) Allison searching for mother Ann Roscoe.

Andrew Thickland searching for his uncle Pharaoh; a man named Plato; grandmother Nancy Gilbert; and mother, Alsy Gilbert.

Arthur Holder 10-22-1885.tif
Arthur Holder is searching for his father Sam Lawyer or Lawra, three brothers, and two sisters. He left them near Lynchburn, Sumpter district, South Carolina. His mother, Bettie Cold, is dead but belonged to Jim Colde. His father belonged to James…

Josephine Cella Caroline Ellen Augusta Bryant 3-24-1866.tif
Augustus and Lutitia Bryant are searching for their five children, Josephine, Cella, Caroline, Ellen, and Augustus. They were in Charlotte, NC or in Rock Hill when they last heard of them. They were formerly owned by John L. and Virginia Moon of…

Betsey Jennings. The New South. Port Royal SC May 13 1865.jp2
Betsey Jennings, Mitchelville, SC, searching for Susannah Lawton, Wilden Lawton, and Isabella Lawton, last heard of at Edgefield, GA

Betty Schott searching for her parents Jake and Peggie, sister Ann, and brothers Sie and Nathan.

I wish to spend the balance of my life as a free and intelligent citizen of the United States.

Calvin Addington searching for his son, Elias; mother of his child, Lucy Addington; and siblings George, Charles, Allen, Harriet, and Hannah.

Caroline Lister seeking information of her mother, Eliza Parker.

Caroline Willis searching for her sons, Charles Henry Willis and Josephus Willis.

Catherine Taylor searching for her parents Hattie and Alexander, sisters Lucinda, Celia, Abbey, brother-in-law-Pino, aunt Corstansia, and nephew Elisha.


Charles Gatson, Beaufort, SC, searching for his children, sold by Charleston, SC slave trader to MS or LA in 1861.


Charles Metts searching for his wife Jane, and their children Margaret, Drucilla, Charles Henry and Elizabeth.

Charlotte Butler 9-11-1884.tif
Charlotte Butler is searching for her husband Butler Flournoy and three children, William and Ann Flournoy and Jack Bradford. John Flournoy sold William and Ann in Macon, GA. Her husband was sold in Memphis, TN. She left Jack Bradford in…

Charlotte Butler 12-4-1884.tif
Charlotte Butler is searching for her husband William Butler. They left Sumpterville, SC with a man by the name of William Belcher who took them to Charleston, SC and sold them to a man by the name of John Flennoid. He brought them to Nashville, TN…

Crisann Bradshaw 7-1-1885.tif
Chrisann Bradshaw searching for her mother Patsie Kinslow Grason and sister Mary Ann Grimes who she left in Charleston, SC during the war. She also has a brother Stephen Kinslow Grason, another sister Elizabeth Grason, a grandmother Kate Grason and…

She is looking for her brothers and sisters.

Cillicy Bradly searching for her siblings Mary, Phebe, Patsey, Samuel John, and Berry Ward.


Clarissa Andrews seeking information of her family.


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