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A. B. Townsend seeking information on his sister whom he does not name.

She went to Marshall, Missouri, from Spring Hill, Madison County, Virginia

Postmaster in Washington, DC, searching for Fouts/Faust, of St. Joseph, MO, "regarding some slaves her formerly owned." His son-in-law "Doc" Daniels's reply, stating that Fouts/Faust died in 1875, was also published.

Adam Sisson.png
Adam Sisson, aka Adam Webb, of St. Joseph, MO, searching for mother Fanny Webb and siblings, Fanny Elizabeth Webb and Alexander Webb


Adam Sisson.png
Adam Sisson, St. Joseph, MO, searching for his mother, Fannie Webb


Adam Sisson searching for his mother Fannie Webb, and his siblings Alexander, Fannie, and Elizabeth.

They were separated, in Kentucky, by sale 37 years earlier [ca 1849]. Albert Harris found his wife after searching since the Civil War.

Alexander Reynolds searching for his parents, and his siblings James, Mickey, Charlotte, George, Sam, Jerry, Sarah, and Mary.


Alfred Simpson searching for his mother Nellie Simpson.


Allison Washington searching for his parents George and Catherine, brothers James and John, sisters Bettie and Mary Ann, and his aunt and uncle, Phoebe and Allison.

Alwilder Marr 12-31-1885.tif
Alwilder Marr is searching for his brother Charley and his mother Susan. They lived with Joe McCrandle, who sold his mother and brother to Mr. Louis Davis and brought her to Missouri about 35 years ago. He lived in Monroe, TN and now lives in Rolla,…


Amanda Banks seeking information of her sister, Mary Eitson.


Amanda Jane Prince 9-10-1885.tif
Amanda Jane Prince is searching for her mother, Charlotte Whiteside, brothers Jesse Whiteside, William Henry Whiteside, George Washington, Penny Green and Owa Penny, and sisters Lusinday Whiteside, Julia Whiteside, Marry Elizabeth Penny, and Louisa…

David Maxey 3-21-1891 HQ.tif
Ambrose Maxey is searching for his father David, owned by Thomas Perkins; mother Malinda, owned by Ned Maxey; sisters Sophie and Mary, and brother Jack. They lived between Richmond and Appomattox Courthouse, VA. He also searches for his cousins Watt,…

Amos Marsh seeking information of his brother James Marsh who he heard lives in New York

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Andy Leggett seeking information of his brother and sister, Tom and Clara Leggett.

Ann (Clarissa) Read searching for her mother Perline, siblings Anderson and Serphrony, stepfather Sam, unnamed half-siblings as well as any other living relatives.

Son born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He left her two years ago [ca 1889] in Washington County, Mississippi.

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Anna Brown searching for a friend, Miles Hall.

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Anna Jinkins searching for her children John, Jesse, Susan, Juda, Caroline and Emmeline Jinkins.

Anna M. Elsey searching for her son Caleb Elsey.

Annie (Patton) Blacky searching for her parents, Samuel and Eliza Page, and grandparents Abraham and Mrs. Bell.

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Annie Alvorid, St. Louis, MO, searching for Wilson Sanford, formerly of Hazlehurst, Copiah County, MS

Edwards and Gibson had been enslaved in Pike County, Missouri. Edwards was sold South 35 years earlier [ca 1853]. They reunited in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1888, and remarried then.

Copied from St. Louis Globe-Democrat (St. Louis, MO)

Armistead Buckley who resided in Victoria, Vancouver was searching for his wife, Melinda Elzea, who was last seen in Columbia, Missouri.
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