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Armistead Buckley who resided in Victoria, Vancouver was searching for his wife, Melinda Elzea, who was last seen in Columbia, Missouri.

Julia and her son, John, came from Georgetown, Pettis County, Missouri. Julia's husband is in Topeka, Kansas.

Bowen escaped from slavery, near St. Francisville, MO, in 1859. He presumably went to Chicago and, from there, to Canada.

Scruggs, of Lawrence, KS, was formerly enslaved in Jackson, County, MO, by Nathaniel Scruggs. Her three daughters were sold before the Civil War.

Searcher lives in St. Louis, MO. He and his brother formerly lived in Louisville, Kentucky.

George Henry Johnson left Concordia Parish, Louisiana, in 1872. Moved to East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mitchell is searching for Rogers to settle an estate. Rogers is to inherit two thousand dollars. James Rogers is sometimes known as James Washington "because of slave parents."

They belonged to Andy Austin, at or near Chillicothe, MO. Frances was sold to a speculator 27 or 28 years ago [ca. 1856 or 1857].

Wood's brother, Gabriel Wood, enlisted in 1861 and died in 1863 or 1864. Was stationed on President's Island, near Memphis, TN. [Ad is possibly related to a Civil War pension application].

Hunt lives in St. Louis, MO. Her son is supposed to be in Memphis. He was sold by Henry Patterson in 1852.

Postmaster in Washington, DC, searching for Fouts/Faust, of St. Joseph, MO, "regarding some slaves her formerly owned." His son-in-law "Doc" Daniels's reply, stating that Fouts/Faust died in 1875, was also published.

Dick "was the slave of Edward Bush, a negro trader, who was our father." Montgomery was sold in or near Nashville, Tennessee, when a child, and taken to Missouri. Her brother was sold to someone in Texas.

Branford left Birmingham, Alabama, in 1886. He was last heard from in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1887.


The last heard of them they were in St. Louis, Missouri.

They were "once the servants of" Mrs. Caroline B. Trumbull, of Louisiana. Butler thinks they are in St. Louis, Missouri.

Edwards and Gibson had been enslaved in Pike County, Missouri. Edwards was sold South 35 years earlier [ca 1853]. They reunited in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1888, and remarried then.

Copied from St. Louis Globe-Democrat (St. Louis, MO)

Mary "left" Henry County, Missouri, in 1862, during the Civil War. [Sold away from Missouri?] She also belonged to Mr. Wilson, Fort Scott, Kansas.

Benjamin, of Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation, enlisted in the 1st Colored regiment [1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment] during the Civil War. Last heard from in Kansas City, Missouri, charged with desertion.

Jones is searching for anyone, "white person or ex-slave," who lived on the plantation of David Roach, on Wolf Lake, Yazoo County, Mississippi, during the Civil War. [Possibly to gather testimony for a Civil War widow's pension?]

Dollie Ingram was taken from DeValls Bluff, Arkansas, to Missouri, when small. Her mother formerly belonged to Henry Ingram.

Unnamed, of St. Louis, Missouri, searching for their father, Robert Moore, [of Helena, Montana?]


Son born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He left her two years ago [ca 1889] in Washington County, Mississippi.

C. D. White looking for his sister Mary Lilly, who he lost contact with in 1864

Dulcina Hall looking for information on her father Isaac Tolson who had left for Canada
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