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Wash. Lacey 11-13-1884.tif
Washington Lacey is searching for his father Sidney Lacey and uncles Jack Davis and Partees. His father belonged to Alexander Ule and he has not heard from him since the war. He was last heard from in Memphis, TN. Uncle Jake went to Virginia and…

W.N. Toliver 11-5-1885.tif
W. N. Toliver is searching for his/her mother, uncles Orns, Jem, Robert, and Jack, and aunts Winnie, Mary, Betsy, and Phillis. W. N.'s father, Valentine Toliver and mother Ellen, is with him/her. This is confusing as W.N states that he/she is…

W.K. Williams 4-3-1884.tif
W. K. Williams is searching for his brother Elerson Williams who was last seen in Sardis, MS in December 1883. His mother and father were James and Mary Williams. He has three brothers and four sisters and is twin to one, Henderson. Henderson now…

W.H. Jackson 4-24-1884.tif
W. H. Jackson has reconnected with Turner Petty's people through an ad in the Southwestern Christian Advocate. He praises the paper for bringing people together.


Memphis Daily Appeal. July 11 1878.jp2
Worden Scott and Mary A. Scott searching for Worden's father, John Scott

W.C. Echols 9-11-1884.tif
W.C. Echols is searching for Guy Thomas formerly of Lynchburg, VA. W.C. Echols is the executor of the will of Thomas Thomas and recommends he write at once to Graham Dunwell Esq. of Springfield, OH, as it will be of "pecuniary interest to him".

Virginia Williams 7-30-1885.tif
Virginia Williams is searching for her sister Carolee Harris, also known as Carolee Gayarre. They were owned by Charles Gayarre before the war. He sold her to a man named Hyman Hart in Osyka, MS. Virginia has heard that she since went to Texas. …

Valentine Toliver 9-17-1885.tif
Valentine Toliver is searching for his brother Frank and Mary Toliver. He received a letter from his brother Stephen in Texas saying that Frank and Mary not been seen nor heard from since they were sold. He states that they were sold in New…

Valentine Taliver 5-7-1885.tif
Valentine Taliver is searching for his brothers Emmanuel, Stephen and Frank Taliver and sisters Mary and Phoebe Taliver. The last time he saw them, they belonged to Louis Taliver and were living in Mississippi. Valentine was taken to Alabama by…

Unnamed 10-8-1885.tif
An unnamed party is searching for their mother Fanny Rothvill, sisters Margret, Lucy, Louise, and Jane, brothers John Williams and Jacob, uncles John and Nat Rothvill, and grandmother Caroline Rothvill. The unknown party is also searching for Hannah…
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