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Richmond Planet. Hunt. Feb 15 1902.jp2
Mrs. Jennie Hunt searching for Samuel Scott, brother of her mother Lucy Scott

Richmond Planet. Robert Hill...Feb 15 1902.jp2
Robert Hill, Columbus, OH, searching for Jacob Turner, Burl Hill, and Adeline Smith

Richmond Planet March 15 1902.jp2
Anthony Cox searching for John Taliaferro, Major Woolridge, Dennis Minor, John Clark, Walker Clark, and Lewis Clark. Worked at the "Salt Works" together. The Clarks and Dennis Minor in Co. B, 119th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry, Civil War. They…

Richmond Planet. Alice Granville March 15 1902.jp2
Mrs. Alice Granville searching for her sister, Miss Mary E. Tomlison, adopted at Portsmouth, VA, and her aunt, Ellen Smith, a stewardess on a boat between Norfolk via Baltimore.

Richmond Planet. March 15 1902.jp2
Millie Johnson searching for her sister, Hester Gilmer, who left Richmond, VA, "in the employ of white people."

Richmond Planet Mar 15 1902.jp2
Braxton Mitchell, Spring Hill, KS, searching for his brothers and sisters.

1902 Richmond Planet Oct 18 1902. Frank Johnson.jp2
Frank Robinson/Frank Johnson, New Haven, CT, searching for his siblings. Children of Walker Robinson and Martha Robinson.

1902 Richmond Planet Oct 18 1902. Dennis Johnson.jp2
Dennis Johnson, Kingston, NY, searching for William H. Bowman. Last heard from in Richmond, VA.

Richmond Planet Mar 29 1902.jp2
Married "long before John Brown's Insurrection." Husband, of Harpers' Ferry, VA [now Harpers Ferry, WV], sold to Richmond, VA. Has not heard from him since.
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