The Chicago Defender (Chicago, IL)


The Chicago Defender (Chicago, IL)


1911, 1916, 1917, and 1920

Collection Items

Unknown searching for Mattie Reed

Petracia Ferguson
Petracia Ferguson searching for her father, Dennis Ferguson

Beverly Tibbs searching for his brother
Beverly Tibbs, Worcester, MA, searching for brother Lias Tibbs

James E. Johnson
James E. Johnson searches for relatives.

Mary Saunders
Mary Saunders is searching for her brothers.

Clara Goodman Jones is searching for family
Jones searching for Nelson, Fanny, Cloe, Clara, and George, children placed in the Freedman asylum, Washington, DC, during the Civil War.

W.H. Anderson searching for three Civil War soldiers' service information
Anderson, former adjutant of 6th Virginia regiment, searching for service information of William Green, Wyatt Bonds, and Henry Hill

Charlotte M. (Price) Cook searching for Thomas Price
Cook searching for Thomas Price, son of Richard (Dick) Price, who was a slave, "owned" by Samuel Bowles
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