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Willie Walker searching for his sister, Lula Green
Walker is very sick ("very low") in Little Rock, AR

Mary Jane Blair is searching for her mother, Susan Blair
Mary Jane Blair was taken from Arkansas to Tennessee when young.

Dollie Ingram is searching for her mother, Margaret Ingram
Dollie Ingram was taken from DeValls Bluff, Arkansas, to Missouri, when small. Her mother formerly belonged to Henry Ingram.

L.A. Jackson searching for Mary Wilson/Mary Hogan
Mary "left" Henry County, Missouri, in 1862, during the Civil War. [Sold away from Missouri?] She also belonged to Mr. Wilson, Fort Scott, Kansas.

David Phelps searching for his parents, Moses Phelps and Susan Phelps
His parents were in Beatville, Mississippi [Batesville?], when last heard from.

Two sons find their father after decades-long separation
A coachman in Columbus, OH, and his brother, a minister, found their elderly father in Washington, DC, in 1883. They had been sold apart from each other before the Civil War. (Their names are not given in the newspaper article. Additional research is…
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