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Benjamin Branch
Benjamin Branch searching for his wife Maria Branch.

Jane Givens
Jane Givens searching for her father Phil Givens and her sister Biddy Givens.

Wm. Shoals
Wm. Shoals searching for his son Thos. Shoals.

Washington Waller searching for his father Washington Waller Sr.
Washington Waller searching for his father, Washington Waller Sr.

Edmund Farmer searching for his children
Edmund Farmer searching for his children

John Shackelford looking for family
John Shackelford looking for mother, brother, and six sisters

Louis Waddy searching for his wife Hannah
Louis Waddy searching for his wife, Hannah

Louise Caw searching for her son
Louise Caw, Knoxville, TN, searching for her son, Mansfield Crutchfield

Joseph Perrin searching for his father
Joseph Perrin, Elyria, OH, searching for his father, Joe Perrin

William H. Butcher's mother is searching for him
William H. Butcher's mother, Carlisle, PA, searching for him at Canton, OH

W.G. Robinson searching for Joseph N. Robinson
W.G. Robinson, Pittsburgh, PA, searching for Joseph N. Robinson, of Pittsburgh, PA and Cincinnati, OH

Jane Ferguson searching for her son
Jane Ferguson, Rutland, OH, searching for her son, Squire Ferguson

Mrs. Esther Stokes searching for her son
Esther Stokes, Ripley, OH, searching for her son, who ran away from Maysville, KY, ca. 1854

Harry Terry, Washington Court House, OH, searching for a "mulatto boy named Evans"
Harry Terry searching for Evans, about age 14, from DeKalb County, TN

James George Webb searching for his wife and children
James George Webb, Gallipolis, OH, formerly of Bluestone, Tazewell County, VA, searching for his wife, Peggy Webb, and three children

Harrison Eaton searching for his brother
Harrison Eaton, Dayton, OH, searching for brother John Eaton, of 1st Mississippi Colored Regiment

W.H.H. Allen (formerly named General William Henry Harrison) searching for his mother
W.H.H. Allen [William Henry Harrison Allen], from Union, Breckenridge County, KY, searching for his mother (her name not given)

W. H. Gilliam
W. H. is searching for Miss Hannah Harmer

Mrs. Hattie Pratt and Mrs. Rebecca Reed
They are searching for their brother.

Louisa Williams
Searching for her son.

James Harris
Searching for friends

Jno. W. Ballard
Searching for two men.

Mrs. L.E. Green
Searching for Henry Thornton

Mrs. Ellen Tate
Searching for her son Fred.
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