The Black Republican, 1865 (New Orleans, LA)

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The Black Republican, 1865 (New Orleans, LA)

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Evans Green
Evans Green searching for his mother Phillis Green.

Ritty Green
Retty Green searching for her son Dudley Green

Susan Patterson
Susan Patterson searching for her daughter Louisa Patterson.

Robert West
Robert West searching for his sisters Sarah Coates and Emily Thompson, and his brothers George West and John Williams.

Louisa Stewart
Louisa Stewart searching for her son Joseph Nelson.

Dorcas Burk
Dorcas Burk searching for her sons Soloman and Richard Burk, and daughter Jane Bell Burk

Beckey Webster
Beckey Webster searching for her daughter Sarah Jane Webster.

Robert Scott
Robert Scott searching for his wife Winn-- Scott.

Jane Gates
Jane Gates searching for her daughters Pruly and Clora Benate.

Bosley Davis
Bosley Davis searching for his wife Margaret Davis/Roberson.
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