The Louisville Daily Journal (Louisville, KY), 1865

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The Louisville Daily Journal (Louisville, KY), 1865

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Gibson McMurtry searching for Len Perrian
Perrian, a brick mason, is the father of Lydia Cook, who "belongs to" James McCurtry, of Bryantsville, KY. He formerly lived in Shelbyville, KY.

Robert Balem searching for his wife, Jane C. Balem
She was "formerly owned by Tamond Hooper," of Cobb County, GA.

Wm. Garnet is searching for his wife and children
Garnet is searching for his wife, Jane, and his children, Willis, Abraham, and Jeney, formerly "owned by" Daniel Garnett, of Manchester, KY. He has been separated from his wife and children for 14 years [since ca. 1851].

Leroy Humbler searching for his son, Lee Andrew Humbler
Humbler's sons were carried off by the Rebels in some of their raids in southern Kentucky.

Susan Howard searching for her son, Billy Howard
Billy Howard, age about 19, left Kingston, Georgia, in the spring of 1864.
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