The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, OH)


The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, OH)


1864, 1867, 1869, 1873

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Washington Waller searching for Washington Waller Sr.
Washington Waller searching for his father, Washington Waller Sr.

John Shackelford looking for family
John Shackelford looking for mother, brother, and six sisters

Jane Ferguson searching for her son
Jane Ferguson, Rutland, OH, searching for her son, Squire Ferguson

Esther Stokes searching for her son
Esther Stokes, Ripley, OH, searching for her son, who ran away from Maysville, KY, ca. 1854

W.H.H. Allen (formerly named General William Henry Harrison) searching for his mother
W.H.H. Allen [William Henry Harrison Allen], from Union, Breckenridge County, KY, searching for his mother (her name not given)

Two brothers, Joshua Collins and Solomon Collins, meet in Cincinnati after decades-long separation
They ran into each other in 1867. From Fleming County, Kentucky. Joshua bought his freedom in 1849. Solomon escaped to Canada in 1837.

Vina Johnson reunited with her first husband after 43 years
Johnson's first husband, Geo. Perry, escaped from Fleming County, KY, to Canada 43 years earlier [ca 1830]. Johnson and their child were went with him but were caught and taken back to Kentucky, where they remained in slavery until the Civil War.…
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