The Christian Recorder, 1880 (Philadelphia, PA)

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The Christian Recorder, 1880 (Philadelphia, PA)

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Patience Arnett
Patience Arnett searching for her mother Harriet.

Rev. John C. Brook
Rev. John C. Brook searching for Henry and Sally Carey.

Eliza McElroy
Eliza McElroy searching for her mother, Margaret Weir, and her sisters Estaline and Josephine Weir.

Ellen Webster
Ellen Webster searching for her father Henry Webster, her sister Sarah Francis Rull, and cousin Josephine Wardsworth Miller.

Benjamin (Wicks) Jackson
Benjamin (Wicks) Jackson searching for his mother Harriet Wicks.

William Henry Young
William Henry Young searching for his parents Chrisse and Maderson Young, his brother Frank Young, and grandmother Charity Young.

Henrietta Cornish
Henrietta Cornish searching for her daughter Henrietta Campfur.

Celia (Jones) Poole
Celia (Jones) Poole searching for her parents Cyrus Hill and Judie Jones, and her brothers Henry and Isum.

Thomas Cooper
Thomas Cooper searching for his parents Mary Ann and Henry Cooper; his siblings Wilemah Cooper, Issac Cooper, Edmund Cooper, and Emma Jane Cooper.

Martha Williams
Martha Williams searching for her siblings Perry, Henry, Henson, Horace, and Fanny Waters
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