The Richmond Planet, 1901 (Richmond, Virginia)

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The Richmond Planet, 1901 (Richmond, Virginia)

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Randolph Butler searching for his brothers
Butler, of Pittsburgh, PA, searching for Arthur William and Toler Butler, his brothers.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children of New York is searching for James Davis's family
James Davis claims he lives in Richmond, Virginia. Son of Annie Van Netten.

Miss Mattie Gooseby/Goosby searching for her mother, Mollie Gravely
She last saw her mother in Greensboro, North Carolina, five years ago [ca. 1896].

Mrs. Caroline Clemments searching for her daughter, Lillie Clemments
Lillie left Richmond, Virginia, for New York, four years ago [ca. 1897].

Prof. Luther Colden searching for Mr. H.L. Harris
Colden, manager of the Colden Concert Company of Suffolk, Virginia, is searching for Mr. H.L. Harris, a vocalist.

Myrtle Royal Virginia Lester is searching for her grandparents
Myrtle, age 6 [born ca. 1895], is searching for her grandparents. Her father's name was Lee Royal Lester.
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