The Richmond Planet, 1904 (Richmond, Virginia)

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The Richmond Planet, 1904 (Richmond, Virginia)


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Mrs. Julia Green searching for her brother
Green, of Baltimore, Maryland, searching for her brother, Caesar James. She had not heard from him in 30 years [since ca. 1874].

Mrs. Louisa Harris searching for her son, Nat Young
Young was raised in Hanover County, Virginia, by Isaac Butler. Lived on Waverly Plantation, in Cheneyville, Louisiana, when last heard from.

Jefferson Anderson searching for Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson's parents, Annie and Jefferson Anderson, died and left him property.

Robert H. Johnson searching for his sister, Mary F. Thomas
She lived in East Orange, New Jersey, when last heard of.

Mrs. Arlene Parish searching for Julius Edward Parish
Searching for Julius Edward Parish, son of Ephraim and Mary Parish, or relatives. Relatives formerly lived in Newport News, Virginia.
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