The Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL)


The Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL)


1863, 1864, 1886, 1899

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Lewis Lewellen searching for son
Lewis Lewellen, Connersville, IN, searching for son, Clayton Lewellen

Sarah Lee searching for her daughter, Martha Steel
Sarah Lee, Eldora, Iowa, searching for her daughter. In Cairo, Illinois when last heard from.

Nelson Hart searching for his sister
Nelson Hart, Chicago, Illinois, searching for his sister, Harriett Shipley. She went up Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO, with a number of other "contrabands." Supposed to be in Minnesota.

George W. Moveety finds his family
George W. Moveety, sold away from his family in 1853, meets them in a train station after 33 years

Nathan Branch and Lee Branch, brothers, reunited after 66 years
Nathan Branch, the "oldest colored man" in Evanston, Illinois, learns that his brother lives in Macon, Georgia. They were separated by sale in 1833, in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Winnie Linn searching for her husband, Davy Linn
Davy Linn, formerly of Chicago, Illinois, left there with an Illinois regiment around 1861, during the Civil War

Unnamed, searching for Fanny Wintersmith
Wintersmith went from New York to Chicago in 1863, during the Civil War. She left her two children there before returning to New York.
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