The Freeman, 1895 (Indianapolis, IN)

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The Freeman, 1895 (Indianapolis, IN)

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E.N. Leroy
E.N. Leroy is searching for Mrs. B.F. Stevens.

John Dryden
John Dryden, attorney, is searching for Agnes Ross in order to find his sister, Mary Ross. She is an heir to property in St. Louis.

Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes is searching for her sister, Susan Adlet White.

Lucinda Pillow (formerly Hargrave)
Lucinda Pillow (formerly Lucinda Hargrave) is searching for her brother and sister, George and Fannie Hargrave.

Hattie Cornell
Hattie E. Cornell is searching for her brothers George Brodie and Peter Ealum.

Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller is searching for his father, Judarn Miller.

Emma Cloud
Emma Cloud is searching for George Hutchinson.

Frank Sweden
Frank Sweden is searching for his mother and father.

David Turner
David Turner is searching for his brothers, John, Charles, James, and Thomas.

Simon Randolph Jr.
Simon Randolph Jr. is searching for his uncle, Willis Staten.
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