The Freeman, 1894 (Indianapolis, IN)

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The Freeman, 1894 (Indianapolis, IN)

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Jno C. Brock
Reverend Jno C. Brock is searching for Sally and Henry Carey, the children of Burrel and Frances Carey.

Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson (formerly Susan Burrus) is searching for her people.

John Quincy Adams Bradley
John Quincy Adams Bradley is searching for his parents and two sisters.

Annie Davis
Searching for William Warks.

Robert Brown
Robert Brown is searching for his grandfather, grand uncle, and brother.

Harry Conway
Harry Conway is searching for Bob Burrel and Juno Dade

Sallie Henry
Sallie Henry is searching for her mother, Matilda Levy.

Henrietta Wallace
Henrietta Wallace (formerly Turner) is searching for her son, Thomas Taylor Turner.

Sallie Johnson
Sallie Johnson is searching for her three sisters, Lucretia, Eliza, and Polly Sadler

Lizzie Taylor
Lizzie Taylor is searching for her cousin, M.A. Robinson
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