The Freeman, 1892 (Indianapolis, IN)

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The Freeman, 1892 (Indianapolis, IN)

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Fannie Bousman
Fannie Bousman is searching for Buel Chapman

George Wootson
George Wootson is searching for his mother, Mahalie, and sisters Margaret and Marinda.

Jennie Bass
Jennie Bass (nee Wilson) is searching for Charles J. Wilson whose father has passed away.

P.L. Lewis (formerly Susie Williams)
P.L. Lewis is searching for her aunt, Caroline Williams

Priscilla Wilson
Priscilla Wilson is searching for her seven brothers and sisters.

Tenie L. Robinson
Tenie L. Robinson is searching for her mother's aunt, Lucinda Moore.

Matilda Richardson
Matilda Richardson (formerly Vance) is searching for her sister, Emeline Vance.

Willie Price
Willie Price is searching for his two sons, John and Dorse.

Thomas Sheals
Thomas Sheals is searching for his mother, three cousins, and wife.

Peter Perry
Peter Perry is searching for his mother, father, sisters, and brothers.
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