The Richmond Planet, 1916 (Richmond, VA)

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The Richmond Planet, 1916 (Richmond, VA)

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Mrs. Mary M. Ancell
Mrs. Mary M. Ancell is searching for her father Joseph Fray.

George Tibbs
George Tibbs is searching for his brother.

Mrs. Lucy Williams
Mrs. Lucy Williams is searching for her mother's family.

Ella Irene Hill Butler
Ella Irene Hill Butler is searching for her aunt Mrs. Winnie Johnson.

Mrs. James Wheeler
Mrs. James Wheeler is looking for her sister Miss Mandy Boyd.

S.B.H. is searching for the relatives of Roland Griffin.

William H. West
William H. West is searching for his sister Mary Martha Outlaw (West).

Annie Walbarrow
Annie Walbarrow is searching for Charley M. Walbarrow.

R.E. Malone
R.E. Malone is hoping to hear from Robert Brown.

Mrs. Frances Bundy
Mrs. Frances Bundy is searching for Hugh W. Thomas.
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