The Globe (Nashville, TN)

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The Globe (Nashville, TN)

Items in the The Globe (Nashville, TN) Collection

Rev. Samuel A. Franklin searching for his Franklin/Boves family
Rev. Samuel A. Franklin, Newcastle, WA, searching for his family from the Castle Hill plantation, Albemarle County, VA

Mrs. Jane Hanford searching for her half-brother, William Boyd
Hanford, St. Louis, MO, searching for her half-brother, son of Britton Boyd and Mary Boyd

Mrs. Lucy King searching for her brother and sisters
Mrs. Lucy King searching for her brother, Wallace, and sisters, Minnerva and Juda Braxton, children of Robert Braxton and Malvina Braxton. They were sold from Hampton, VA.

Toney Black/Tony Black searching for his mother and two sisters
Black is searching for his mother, Malinda Palmer, and sisters, Elvie Wade and Marie Wade

Willie Annie Marina searching for Marina relatives
Willie Annie Marina, Van, AR, daughter of Ben Marina, searching for Jerry Marina and David Marina

Mr. King Bird searching for his mother
King Bird searching for his mother, Mercy Micky/Mercia Mickey, and other Micky, Gray, and Pullman relatives