The Richmond Planet, 1909 (Richmond, VA)

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The Richmond Planet, 1909 (Richmond, VA)

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Alexander Ward searching for his people
Alexander Ward was sold in Huntsville, AL, in 1859. Left his father, John Ward, in VA.

B.B. Mitchell [Braxton B. Mitchell] searching for his father, Bartlett Braxton
B.B. Mitchell, Spring Hill, KS, separated from his father during slavery

Mrs. Bettie Graves is searching for her grandmother
Mrs. Bettie Graves, Radnor, PA, searching for her grandmother, Mrs. Annie Kelley

Mrs. Jas. Oakley searching for her father's Egester/Crump/Cox family
Her father, William Egester, born in Richmond, VA, sold in Lawrenceburg, KY

Joseph F. and Sallie Bebbs
Joseph and Sallie Bebbs are looking for their 33 year old son Jesse Bebbs.

Searching for Eliza Pryor
Searcher hoping to hear from Eliza Pryor

Lewis L. Garrison
Lewis L. Garrison is searching for his sister Harriet Ann Carter.

Frederick S. Taggart
Frederick S. Taggart is requesting the present address of Rev. John A. Harris.

Mrs. Jas. Coakley
Mrs. Jas. Coakley informs the Richmond Planet's editor that she has found her uncle living in Brazil, Indiana.
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