The Richmond Planet, 1905 (Richmond, VA)

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The Richmond Planet, 1905 (Richmond, VA)

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Richard Early searching for his siblings
Richard Early, son of Dolly Early, searching for his brothers and sisters. He and brother, Abraham, sold and brought to Richmond, VA

Mrs. Nelson Weatherton searching for her father
Mrs. Nelson Weatherton, Pasadena, CA, searching for her father, Nelson Barnett

Oliver Thompkins searching for Nancy Ford, mother of Harry Ford
Harry Ford was killed in Pittsburgh and left insurance money. Thompkins is searching for his family in Richmond, VA.

Daniel Jackson searching for two uncles
Daniel Jackson searching for his uncles, Peter Jackson and Thomas Jackson, sons of Daniel Jackson. They were born in Maryland and sold to Richmond, VA.

Samuel Gould, Philadelphia, PA, searching for his uncles
Samuel Gould searching for Sandy Gould and Wm. Gould, son and nephew of Nicholas Gould, who came from Richmond, VA, during the Civil War

Sally Ann Coles searching for her aunt
Coles searching for her aunt, Mrs. Matilda Fegans

J.C. Tracy searching for Mrs. Sarah Jefferson and aunt, Mrs. Prior Randolph
Tracy searching for his aunt and for Mrs. Sarah Jefferson, who lived near Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

Miss Emma Daniels searching for her two sisters
Daniels searching for her two sisters, who lived with Easter Brooks

A.B. Campbell searching for heirs of Robert Anderson and Jane Anderson, deceased
A.B. Campbell, administrator, searching for Henry Anderson and Jacob Anderson, sons of Robert Anderson and Jane Anderson
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