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About us

Let us introduce ourselves...  

VU graduate students 

Last Seen is powered by graduate students, (back row) James Chris Byrd, Bonnie Loden, (front row) Daniel Runyon, Margaret Strolle, Karyna Hlyvynska. MA students in History at Villanova--when they are not in class and writing papers--they scour microfilmed newspapers searching for ads.

microfilm reader

When they find ads, they copy them, clean up the images so they are legible, and load them to the site. That's where you come in. Sign up now to transcribe the ads.

Judy Giesberg, Professor of History, Villanova University, directs the project. Jesse Nasta, Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University, is co-director.  Margaret Jerrido, Archivist at Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia and Carole Emberton, Professor of History, SUNY Buffalo, consult.

Jesse Flavin , Librarian at Villanova, contacts libraries to borrow the newspapers we need for this project.